3 Different Ways to Unlock Your Phone

Written By Alla Levin
January 12, 2022

3 Different Ways to Unlock Your Phone

One of the most common ways to unlock a phone that people use is by setting a pin, pattern, or passcode. While common, these phone-unlocking techniques may not always be the most convenient option; and so, knowing more ways to unlock your phone will help you change the phone unlocking mechanism based on what your day is like.

And the good news is that both Android and iOS have made great advancements in terms of technology, and both these operating systems boast newer, better, and easier ways of unlocking the phone. It is all a matter of what mechanism you prefer. With that said, here are three different ways through which you can unlock your phone!

Keeping it Unlocked in the Pocket

When you’re on the go, for instance in a metro or a bus, you might use your phone, keep it back in your pocket, and take it out again. However, it is not always convenient to unlock the phone every 1 or 2 minutes. This is when it helps to keep your phone unlocked when it is in your pocket. Most Android phones these days are equipped with motion detectors that make it possible for the phone to stay unlocked when it is in contact with you.

So, when you use your phone and keep it in your pocket, it technically stays in contact with you and, as a result, does not get locked. If you’re interested in using this technology to keep your phone unlocked, all you have to do is go to the settings on your phone, look for security, and tap on the smart lock. Once you confirm your screen lock, you can tap on the ‘on-body detection’ option to switch it on.

Keeping it Unlocked in a Certain Areaways to unlock phone

Some people only feel the need to keep their phones locked when they’re out and when their phone is surrounded by many unfamiliar people and strangers. And for those of you who feel safekeeping the phone unlocked at the home, office, your cabin, or in a specific place, it helps if you wouldn’t need to unlock your phone over and over, and especially so if you use it frequently.

This feature works using the GPS system, through which your phone detects the location where you are to stay unlocked, and likewise get back to being locked once you’re out of that area.

To activate this feature, you simply have to go to your settings, security, smart lock, select trusted places, and add all the locations where you’d want your phone to stay unlocked.

Using Face Recognition

One of the most trusted ways of unlocking your phone has to be through face recognition. This is known to be an infallible method as the phone uses its sensors to exactly identify your face by matching it with the scanned-in portrait that you must have used while setting up the face recognition feature.

With this method of unlocking a phone, you can rest assured that your phone will be safe from misuse as it will unlock only when it’s you. To activate this, you just have to go to smart lock and select the trusted face option.

Phones feature multiple ways of unlocking, and while every person has a certain preference, it makes sense to use different unlocking features and mechanisms based on what is required at a certain point in time. And besides that, if you’ve forgotten your passcode, you can easily look for an expert at phone unlock vancouver and get your phone factory-unlocked as well. So, make use of these varied technologies and change your unlock settings as per your requirements.

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