How to Unwind After a Long Week

Written By Alla Levin
May 05, 2020

How to Unwind After a Long Week

Sometimes when we’re exhausted after a long week, we choose activities that end up making us more drained or stressed. It can also be difficult to choose to break from our busy lives, especially if we don’t feel like we deserve it. But relaxation is important for both your mental and physical health. So keep reading to learn how to unwind and take care of yourself!

Focus on Your Breath

One of the easiest ways to feel more relaxed is through breathwork. Expanding your inhalation and exhalations can go a long way in relaxing your entire body. Consider an activity like COYA yoga to focus on your breath. Meditation is another form of stress relief that uses your breath to help you relax. Many activities will help you focus on your breath, so finding the right one will help you enjoy the moment of relief.

Connect with Yourself and Your SpiritualityConnect with Yourself and Your Spirituality

Caring for yourself and connecting with yourself helps you to rest and restore. Think about the ways that you prefer to take care of yourself. Maybe you enjoy tending to your home or going for a long walk.

Alternatively, perhaps taking a hot bubble bath with candles or relaxing with a glass of wine and some edibles from purple penthouse washington dc is more your thing. Relaxation won’t look the same for everyone, so make sure you are following your own instincts.

Connecting with your spirituality can also bring you a lot of relief. If you like to worship with others, consider attending a church, like the Parkway Fellowship, as a relaxation technique.

Have Fun and Laugh

Taking time out of your busy schedule as an adult to have fun can be rare but important. What are ways that you can be away from everything that brings you stress and helps you to relax? Consider taking a long bike ride, or if you are creative, take on an art project or hobby. Laughter is another tool for stress release. If you like a particular TV show or movie that you think is funny, make time for that type of enjoyment.

Disconnect and Try Something New

Turning off your electronics and disconnecting with technology can make you more connected and at the moment. This can also allow you to enjoy the people and experiences that are around you. Also, trying new activities and experiencing new things in your free time can bring you joy. For example, consider taking an art class or going camping for the first time.

A lot of people also love learning, so taking any type, of course, can help you to relax and also help your future self learn a new skill. Look into not-so-mainstream hobbies that can pique your interest, something niche, such as lockpicking. A basic lockpick set you can upgrade as you advance in skills is the key to activation. Before you know it, you have passed the time and forgotten your worldly cares.

Learning How to Unwind is Important for Your Health

Your mental and physical health is important for sustaining a happy and long life. Learning how to unwind will help you achieve more balance during the day. Connecting with your breath and using exercise as a release yield big rewards. Also, consider carving time for fun and laughter, along with new activities. Read more from our blog for daily inspiration to help you get motivated and have a joyful life!

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