How To Add A Little More Color To Your Home

Written By Alla Levin
December 16, 2022

How To Add A Little More Color To Your Home

Decorating your home is difficult. Neutral colors have been sold to everyone as a safe, chic, and timeless way to go when it comes to decorating your home. Minimalistic and monochrome designs seem to pop up everywhere regarding interior design.

However, just because something is safe does not mean it is wrong to do something differently. You can experiment. You are in your own home and thus can do whatever you like. The best way to do this is to try a few different styles. Here is a little advice on where you can begin to add color to your home.

Furniturehow to add color to your home

A safe way that you can begin to experiment with color in your home is to begin with furniture. Why not introduce an orange couch to your living room or a red dining table?

They may seem garish at first, but once you have one or two pieces in your home, you can add a little color. Also, rather than designing a room for furniture, you can choose your furniture and change the room colors to fit your new exciting furniture.

Colorful rugs

Another accessory that you could use to bring color into your room if you are afraid of going too bold is a rug. These are great because you can move them around and can quite literally roll them up and pack them away if you do not like them.

An additional benefit comes from the fact that a colored rug will help you to hide dirt and debris. You should think about adding a long runner rug to your collection. It will add color and dimension to your room or hallway in a new, perhaps unexpected way.

Flowers and plantshow to add color to your home

A fresh and colorful floral decoration or house plant can add a natural look to your home and help bring the outside inside without any of the climate or bugs. More importantly, it will add a vibrant hue to your home without too much effort or cost.

Plants are portable and also temporary, so if you don’t like the look of them, you can get rid of them quite easily or you can change their location of them to see if they work in another room. Sometimes, it is just the way the light catches the flowers that brings color to a room

Bring art in

If you prefer to keep a monochrome style, then you can add the artwork to your walls. Adding color to your walls creates a dichotomy in the room. Your artistic pieces will take center stage if they are brighter colors from your furniture. Try bold prints and a mixed texture to add a little more variety to any of your rooms.

How to Add Color to Your Home: Adding color to your roomhow to add color to your home

There are lots of ways you can add a little color to your room. Don’t be afraid to try it; everything you do in a room can be changed. You can always reinvent your rooms if you don’t like the new look.

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