writting assignment


Write a well-composed paragraph (topic sentence, integrated quotes and summary from the story, and your analysis explaining how the quotes illustrate the point made in your topic sentence) that answers one of the questions below. How does the setting create a mood that is relevant to the story’s main idea? How is the setting a window into one of the characters? Is the setting an expression of the story’s theme? If so, how? Are the living and working conditions in the story relevant to its characters or overall meaning? If so, how? How does the weather create or emphasize meaning?

Example topic sentences starters:

In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm,” weather is central to the meaning of the overall story because….

In “The Location of the River,” water helps to express the story’s theme of…

Your paragraph should be about 200 words. Use MLA format, and be sure to cite the story you reference. Do not use or consult outside sources for this assignment.