Writing assignment #1


Approximate length two pages, double-spaced, submit electronically to the class Canvas site 

Hot topic! Find a current or recent article that has appeared in the popular printed media (web, magazine, newspaper, etc.) that relates to an issue discussed in any of the first five lecture modules (Ags Revolution and Evolution through Climate Change and Ag).  ?  State the overall theme of the article, summarize key points, and indicate how it relates specifically to our discussions.
  ?  If the author expresses an opinion (e.g., an editorial), be sure to indicate what that opinion is.
  ?  In your discussion, also be sure to explain whether the report or the author¬ís viewpoints are consistent or inconsistent with the material from class.
  ?  Please be sure to provide the citation for the article in your essay (e.g., online source or web address; bibliographic citation, etc.) so that we can retrieve it if necessary. Do not attach the article to your essay.
Have fun with it and contact us if you have any questions.