Why is Learning English Important for Students

Why is Learning English Important for Students

In a globalized society, English has practically become the lingua franca of the world — it’s also one of the most desired languages for many people to speak, whether it’s for personal enrichment or in the business world.

Yet, despite English’s prevalence in the modern world, the language is something many people struggle to learn. This fact often gives students and adults alike the idea that English is just too complicated for them to ever learn.


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The reality, however, is that anyone can learn English, it just takes a bit of effort and motivation. While there are many different ways to study English, an online tutor at help me with my English homework is the best way to go, whether you are just starting or have been learning English for a while now.

Core Skills in English Language 

In every language, certain skills apply to every native speaker, no matter where they are from. To improve your skills in English you need to do a lot of practice and engage more with other people who speak the language. Here are just a few of the key English skills that every new English student should work on:

1. Listening

Listening is very important to be proficient in any language. In the English language, listening is the key to being able to understand how phrases and sentences are formed, as well as how to figure out what the meaning is. 

2. Speaking

Speaking is the next step after listening. Being able to speak is what takes you from understanding how to put words together and being able to express yourself in the language. 

3. Reading

Reading is the final step in being able to fully communicate with another person using English. The more reading materials you are exposed to, such as stories or novels, the better your vocabulary will become and the better you will be at speaking and writing. 

4. Writing

Writing is the final piece of the puzzle for being able to communicate in English. Writing takes a lot of practice and it may be difficult at first, but being able to write in English will make you more confident with your speaking and listening skills, as well as give you the ability to express yourself.

Why Did English Become Important?

Nowadays, speaking English is essential since it opens up a world of communication, quality of life, and educational options that are otherwise inaccessible. Knowing the English language is advantageous in both the academic and professional world.

The importance of English can be traced back to the start of English colonization when English was introduced for trade purposes. Now, many people wish to learn English as a means of expanding their horizons and enhancing their quality of life. 

Reasons Why learning English is Important 

The followings are reasons why you should consider learning English:

1. Social networking and relationships

In today’s world, social networking and relationships are very important for everyone. Therefore, you should consider learning English to communicate with people from different countries and cultures. The internet is full of people who want to talk about their lives and the lives of others. 

Learning English will help you to communicate with other people on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform that you use. You can use this skill to find friends in your area who also want to learn English as well. It’s an easy way to meet new people and make new friends.

2. Job opportunities

The number of jobs requiring English proficiency has grown significantly over the past decade, making it an increasingly important skill for job seekers and employers alike. According to the Department of Labor, there are currently more than 5 million jobs in the U.S. that require some type of English proficiency — and that number continues to grow as global trade expands and more companies seek out overseas talent to fill their needs. 

The demand for English-speaking workers is so high that there are even job postings in areas of the country that don’t traditionally have a large immigrant population. Today, you can find jobs and internships in fields as varied as medicine, law, science, and technology. Educating yourself on these jobs requires

3. Career possibilities

With an understanding of different cultures, there is also a greater chance for one to find a new career path. While there are many opportunities for English speakers in other countries, English is the international language of business.

 English speakers are in demand around the world and are highly sought after for jobs in many fields, including sales, banking, finance, insurance, and law. To become fluent in English you need to study the grammar rules in order to speak clearly and correctly. You can also improve your vocabulary with dictionaries and other reference materials.

4. International travel

Traveling abroad is getting more and more popular every year. According to the US State Department of Commerce, more than 8 million people have traveled abroad in recent years. English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Therefore, it is the best language to use when traveling abroad. If you already know a couple of languages, then you can use that skill to get by in many different countries.

5. World leadership

English is one of the four official languages of the United Nations (UN). English is used for UN proceedings and is the language in which all UN documents are drafted and proposed. As the world’s largest non-governmental organization, the UN has a limited budget, so it relies on its member states to voluntarily provide resources to help fund its operations. In recent years, more and more countries are donating to the UN in order to spread their languages and cultures around the world. Therefore, knowing English is necessary as it helps us to spread our cultures and language around the world.

6. Entertainment

Watching movies or television is another way to enjoy yourself using the English language. Most movies are produced and published in English, therefore, understanding English will make fun and easy to enjoy watching the movies without having to rely on subtitles. By watching movies, films, and shows viewers can learn more about the culture that is being depicted in the show.

A good English student should know well the core skills of English and the reasons why it is important to learn the language. Using these skills and reasons, a student can make the decision to dedicate themselves to learning the language tremendously easier.