What to do with a finance degree

What To Do With a Finance Degree

Is a degree in finance a good option in curving your career path? We’d say yes. A finance degree is one of the most lucrative degrees that you can bring to the job market. Unlike other degrees that are industry specific, finance cuts across every sector.

Every organization, big or small, must have a finance segment. Your work here involves managing and assigning funds to various projects after ascertaining their viability. A finance degree has the added advantage of being versatile. It prepares you for many different roles in the finance world. Let’s look at some of them.


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You may have heard of accounting described as ‘crunching the numbers.’ But what really does it entail? Accounting is a broad term which comprises an extensive array of roles in any given company. The job description for an accountant includes preparing financial documents/reports, filing tax returns, analyzing financial operations and so on. As an accountant you have to be good with numbers. If calculations are giving you a headache, you can seek help with finance homework for additional tutoring. The more you keep practicing, the easier it gets.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers work within banks to help people and companies invest by conducting a financial analysis of various ventures to ascertain their visibility. They also analyze the risks involved in each project and determine if it’s safe for a client to invest time and money. As an investment banker, you could be involved in a wide range of corporate financial transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, restructuring, stock trading and so on.

To thrive in this career, you require an in-depth understanding of different methods of investing. Should you have a challenge with any of them when studying, corporate finance homework help should be readily available. Remember clients will be relying on your advice for the best investment opportunities that will steadily increase their value.

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, your role is to help clients manage their finances, so they can achieve their short and long term financial goals. Here you will analyze and offer guidance on matters of income, expenditure, bank accounts, saving, investing, taxes, insurance, home ownership and so on.

You must be well versed with each of these aspects and their impact on the financial wellbeing of your client. In the course of your degree, you may be having difficulties grasping all these. Fortunately, finance assignment help is a click away. Having a professional tutor will ensure that you understand all these features so you can advise accordingly.


With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem solving, you can use your finance degree to penetrate the auditing world. Auditors scrutinize company accounts to ensure the financial information is processed and recorded correctly, and comply with legal requirements. They also ascertain that assets are protected through the relevant control measures to prevent misappropriation. As an auditor, you can work within an organization to perform the above roles. Alternatively, you can be employed by an independent audit firm that deals with different companies.

Portfolio Management

A portfolio here refers to a collection of investments such as bonds, stocks, cash, commodities and assets. As a portfolio manager, your role will be to guide individuals and companies in developing and managing investment strategies. Portfolio managers can be employed by investment firms, banks, hedge funds and such other finance companies. In many cases, investment advisors grow into portfolio managers. You start off advising individuals and companies on where they should invest their money, then you help them manage these investments.

Portfolio management requires impeccable skills in analysis, research and data interpretation. These concepts may be taught in class, but acquiring of the skills comes with consistent study and practice. Make use of business finance homework help whenever you need a boost.

As you can see, a degree in finance opens you up for a wide range of opportunities, and we’ve not even listed them all. If you were in doubt if this is the right choice for you, we hope this information helps you make a clear decision. Remember you can always access finance homework help online whenever you’re stuck.

Depending on the company you work for, some of the roles above could intertwine. Every role that you take up only adds to your experience, making you even more marketable.

If you have a goal of starting your own business, you can start a finance firm that offers the above services to different companies. Remember some companies prefer to outsource finance services, which is cheaper than having an internal finance department. Either way, a degree in finance sets you up for a fulfilling career making sense of the cents.