What Makes a Good Marketing Plan? and Creating a Plan

Week 6 Discussions and Required Resources – each part must be at least 200 words


Part 1: What Makes a Good Marketing Plan?

What are some of the things a good marketing plan does to help ensure its effective implementation? 


Part 2: Creating a Plan

Provide a brief overview of the product for which you are going to write your Marketing Plan. Why did you choose it? Which elements of the plan are you having difficulty with? What additional information would be needed to make the most informed strategic decisions for the future implementation of your plan?


This assignment goes with the writing assignment for this week. The description of the assignment is below.

Writing Assignment description: do not write the paper, this is for information purposes only for part 2 listed above.


Develop a marketing plan (not including the title and reference pages, charts and/or graphs) for any product of your choice. Your marketing plan must:

· Analyze the specific marketplace situation in detail, including organizational strengths, weaknesses, environmental opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).

· Develop an organizational mission statement, and forecast performance goals using your situational analysis.

· Design a marketing strategy based upon your objectives.

· Create an appropriate integrated marketing mix, which will include your ability to effectively appeal to the specific market segments you will be targeting.

· Develop a written summary and specific recommendations for the implementation of your plan.

Required Resources


Read the following chapters in Managerial marketing:

· Re-review Chapter 1: Strategic Planning and the Marketing Management 


· Re-review 1.3 The Marketing Plan, pages 21-24

Finch, J. (2012). Managerial marketing [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

Recommended Resources


Business Plan: Marketing Strategy (

Marketing strategy and promotional activities follow analysis of target market, sales objectives, competition, and market place opportunities. A successful marketing strategy aims to strengthen your existing customer base

Business Plan: Marketing Plan (

· Even business that are thriving need to implement ongoing marketing plans in order to maintain current levels. A good plan will begin with research and analysis of the target market. It will also contain an outline of sales objectives