English Homework

What can you do with an English Degree?

A degree in English enables you to develop essential and marketable skills. These skills include communication, both written and spoken, analytical skills, critical thinking, among other skills. Remember how much better the degree will make you as a person as you seek English homework help.

If you are like most people, you are happy just having the skills you will obtain from this course, but you would also like to know what you can do with them.You can get English homework help online to move you along in the pass of skill development.


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It is all About Communication

The skills you acquire by studying English direct you towards careers that require both writing and speaking skills. Things in the job market are a bit more fluid than they were in the past, and the soft skills and the natural aptitudes may combine with your degree to redirect your career path. However, the following are some of the common careers you can pursue with this degree.

1. Journalism and media

The core skills you obtain as an English major put you in an excellent position to work in the media industry. As a communicator, you can work in a company’s public relations department as a reporter, news writer, or editor.

 Studying English comes with an inherent requirement to read plays, poems, and other works of literature. Such reading in the entire course of study will help you develop an appreciation for drama and other creative works. You can then work as a scriptwriter or critic.

The media industry is highly competitive, but it is now easy to start a private online channel and grow it over time. Your English degree will help you to come up with unique content consistently.

2. Education

Teaching is all about communication. A degree in English will have given you the foundational communication skills to deliver on your teaching responsibilities. Of course, your teaching subject would have to be English.

It is important to note that while qualifications in English give you the basic skills, you need additional qualifications to get into education. Teaching elementary and high school requires you to obtain teaching qualifications set by your jurisdiction. It is only then that you can get a teaching license.

Most universities require their teachers to have a master’s degree, while some insist on a doctorate.

3. Marketing, Advertisement, and Public Relations

As an English major, the writing and comprehension skills you get equip you to write excellent copy. This is a vital skill in marketing and advertising. As a communicator, you are also well positioned to clearly explain the advantages of buying a product to the client.

Marketing will require you to read more on the product you are meant to market, so that will be your additional input in that matter.

We had mentioned public relations earlier when discussing journalism, but its application is most common in the corporate world. Companies nowadays need to be very sensitive to managing their public relations owing to the danger posed on their reputations by social media and internet penetration. You can do this work as an in-house PR officer or through a dedicated PR firm that companies outsource.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media has become a vital frontier for business. Companies now invest in employees to learn their social media pages. The ability to communicate that you obtain in your English studies comes in handy in this job. You will need to craft informative, clear, and brief posts to explain your company’s position on different matters.

 This position also requires you to respond to customers and the general public. Some customers come with genuine complaints, some are unreasonable, and some are rabble-rousers. Your skills as a communicator will enable you to handle all participants deftly enough to either diffuse a situation or avoid a peaceful situation going south.

5. Speech Writer

This is particularly well suited for the politically active. As an English major, you can take the ideas of a politician, activist, CEO, or some other leader and put them in a form that people can both understand and appreciate. Any speechwriter intends to move people to action on issues they care about. Your speech should be nothing but the best so you have to ensure that your English is perfect. Learn how to improve on your English and be a proficient speech writer.

 Speech writing is a position that can make you good money, depending on who you are working for. It can also enable you to make a real difference in society by moving the masses and giving you access to those in positions of power.

6. Freelance Content Developer

Like most other creative spaces, the internet has significantly disrupted the freelance writing industry. The vast majority of businesses have websites, and they are conducting their businesses online.

 Competition between these businesses is now on who can convince more customers to buy from them without physical contact. The success of an e-commerce platform boils down to the quality of content on it.

As an English major, you can write concise and informative content on the product and company. You can also script and direct short informational videos on the product to be posted on the website.

These are just a few of the ways you can earn a living as an English major. It should be clear that there is no shortage of work for someone with this education. As an English student, seeking help with English homework will not only enable you to pass, you will also get the skills necessary to get the job done.