what can you do with an accounting degree

What Can You Do With an Accounting Degree?

What comes to mind when you think of a career in accounting? The most prominent picture that most people have of an accountant is that guy who gazes at spreadsheets all day, brows furrowed, calculator in hand. Accountants are regarded as the geeks who never show up at office parties and hardly know anyone out of their department.

If you’re considering signing up for a degree in accounting, perhaps because you have a knack for numbers, this notion might not be encouraging. Is there more to accounting than crunching the numbers? Yes there is; fortunately. Pursuing a degree in accounting does not have to confine you to numbers. In this article we outline many other career paths that you can explore with your accounting skills.


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Even with your love for numbers, accounting assignments can get pretty tough. Don’t let this discourage you though. Remember you can always access accounting homework help to assist you whenever you’re stuck. That said, let’s see the options that you have with a degree in accounting.

  • Financial Analyst

Financial analysts help companies and individuals in making sound financial decisions. Accounting teaches you to analyze the numbers and make sense of them. Here you make use of that knowledge to review investment opportunities and advise on their viability. Relevant guide

What does it take to ‘see the future’ as far as investments are concerned? Here the analyst needs to keep a keen eye on the economic trends and predict how they’ll impact various investments in the future. Should you find it challenging to study such trends, you can always seek help with accounting homework online.

  • Auditor

Auditors examine financial data and ensure it is correct and in compliance with the relevant laws. Auditors also help prevent fraud by putting in place the appropriate measures to protect company assets.They also take care of source documents. As an auditor, you can be employed by the finance department of a particular organization, or you can be hired by a finance firm which works with different companies.

As an internal auditor, your role will be reviewing the business procedures of the organization to ensure that they’re accurate and adhere to the applicable regulations. Auditing calls for precise attention to detail and great problem solving skills. Develop these skills early by utilizing college accounting homework help offered by expert tutors.

  • Accounting Manager

Your career in accounting can be so much more than a solitary fellow crunching numbers at the corner. You can take up a leadership position where you play a bigger role in managing the finances of a company. As an accounting manager you will be in charge of the entire accounting department. Junior accountants will deal with the numbers and present the final product to you.

You can then analyze the data and come up with strategies to maximize profits, minimize expenditure, invest and so on. The company management will be relying on your advice on financial matters.

As an accounting manager, you could also be in charge of the personnel in the department. Here you will take part in hiring, training, directing and ensuring a supportive work environment for the entire team.

Do you have it in you to be a leader? The start demonstrating these qualities in your school work. Do your assignments on time, and seek financial accounting homework help whenever necessary. By developing the right work ethic early on, you prop your chances of landing leadership positions.

  • Loan Officer

Loan officers are employed by banks and other financial institutions that offer loans to their clients. Among the many loan applications, the lender must decide who qualifies for a loan and who does not. As a loan officer, you will analyze the finances of the loan applicants, whether individuals or businesses, to determine if they qualify for the loan. The numbers to consider here include the credit rating, income level and cash flow.

For those deemed fit for a loan, you will guide them through the process including the signing of the contact till they have the money in their account. This verification process reduces the chances of non-performing loans whose repayments have stalled.

As a loan officer, you will append your signature on the contract on behalf of the company, making it a legal document. Should any aspect of the contract be contested in the future, you’ll be put on the defense.

This reminds us that accounting is not just about the numbers; it has a distinct legal aspect as well. Finance laws form a major part of your accounting degree studies. Ensure that you get an in-depth understanding of these laws by supplementing your class lessons with professional tutors offering accounting HW help.

  • Actuary

Most actuaries hold a degree in actuarial science, but an accounting degree can also usher you into this field. Actuaries majorly work in the insurance industry analyzing the potential risks of various policies. Actuaries have a deep understanding of mathematical, statistical and financial concepts which they use to minimize the risk of insurance policies. If these concepts are giving you a hard time already, sign up for accounting assignment help.

Actuaries are no longer the preserve of insurance companies. Several different companies now employ actuaries to analyze data and predict outcomes of various financial decisions. With the tough economic times, every company seeks to only put their money where returns are assured, and actuaries are relied upon to offer this assurance.

This list may not contain all the fields that you can join with a degree in accounting, but we hope it paints a clear picture of the versatile of career options that this degree offers. You can now proceed confidently with your accounting degree knowing that you will not be confined to crunching the numbers.

Remember homework help accounting is always a click away. We have experienced tutors at hand to help you with any facet of accounting, and ensure that you learn at your own pace till you fully comprehend the subject. You can also learn the simple tips that will help you in completing your accounting assignments in a better way.