This 7-9 minute speech video will be uploaded to One Drive and shared with me. In this Question of Fact/Value speech, convince me of the grade that you deserve in this class. Provide evidence that supports your argument (artifacts of your work, quotes from your Peer Reviewers from the previous two speeches, DBF comments, as well as any library or internet articles on learning, and/or statistics), and apply various forms of reasoning (avoiding the fallacies) to steer my application of the evidence that you provide.

That is because the entire Question of Fact/Value speech is a self-assessment.  In this speech, you will use artifacts from feedback you received while completing this course, to present a persuasive argument that you deserve a certain grade in this course.  Your General Purpose is:  To persuade.  Your Specific Purpose is:  To persuade my instructor that I have earned a/n ______ in CMS 120 ONLN4.  Your Central Idea is:  At the end of this speech, my instructor will be convinced that I have earned a/n _______ in CMS 120 ONLN4 because I _________________, _________________ and _________________.