Voices of Africa

Activity Sheet per French 149 Novel   two Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s Ambiguous Adventure:  Part I, chapters 8-9 & Part II, Chapters 1-4  

(1) You need to prepare these activities at home, type them on your computer and bring your work to class on the dates indicated below. These will count as a journal entry.  You will give all of your activities on the date indicated below to your teacher. (2) All written answers need to be in coherent paragraphs and/or clear complete sentences.  

Activity #1: At home. 

? Read the sections you have not read before (i.e. Sections 3-8) in the second document, “Introduction to Cheikh Hamidou Kane.”  These are: “A Brief Intro Islam” (#4), “Concept of Négritude” (#5), “Two French philosophers discussed in Ambiguous Adventure” (#6), “Christianity as discussed in AA” (#7) & “Ideological conflict between Islam and the Western World” (#8). ? Answer the following questions about these sections, in coherent paragraphs and/or complete sentences:  (1) Section #4: What are 5 facts you have learned about Islam?  Explain why they are significant in 1-2 lines. (2) Section #5: Explain as completely as possible and in 3-4 lines what “Négritude” means. (3) Sections #6 & #7, answer each of the following questions in 4-5 lines:  ? Who is St Augustine?  You might want to use the Internet to answer this question. ? How do Descartes and Pascal differ from each other in terms of faith? ? If you have not done so yet, you may want to check the last two pages of this second document, namely: 

? Section 9 summarizes all the chapters of the books ? Section 10, a map of Senegal, shows where the Samba Diallo of Ambiguous Adventure comes from.

Activity #2: At home. 

? Read Parts I, ch. 8-9 & II, ch. 1-4 of Kane’s novel Ambiguous Adventure. ? When you have done the assigned reading, do the following in writing: (1) Give each of these chapters a short title (5-6 words) that summarizes each of these chapters. (2) Choose one of the new characters appearing in the first 4 chapters of Part II.  Present this character in a 10-line paragraph and write down two quotes pertaining to that character. Explain why these two quotes strike you.   

Activity #3: At home.

 ? Have you subscribed to the New York Times on line?   ? If not, check the first Activity Sheet for Ambiguous Adventure or the Announcements for instructions as to how to subscribe to the New York Times for FREE. ? Which two articles are you going to read for the next class? A reminder: No need to download and/or to summarize them.  We will be discussing them in class.  

Activity #4:  At home.  

No need to comment about Activity #4. ? Do you want to improve your reading skills?   ? If so, go to the “How To” folder on Blackboard (the sixth blue folder from the top on the left side of your screen on Blackboard). ? Open “How to Read?” in the “How To” folder. ? Read one or all first three documents in “How to Read?”, namely:  ? “Types of Reading” presents the many ways you can read a text based on the on the materials you need to read and the different reading purposes. ? “Speed Reading Self-Pacing Methods: A Crash Course” proposes different reading techniques to read faster.  Click here if you want a demonstration of these techniques. ? “How Do I Read a Novel Faster?” gives you some tricks to be a more efficient reader. ? I hope these three documents will help you with your future reading assignments.  

Activity #5: At home.   

? Do you want to do a creative/semester project?  ? If so, check the description of such a project on page 7 of your syllabus. ? For instructions as to how to develop such a project, go to the “How To” folder on Blackboard (the sixth blue folder from the top on the left side of your screen on Blackboard). ? Open “How to Develop a Semester Project/Creative Activity?” in the “How To” folder. ? Read the following documents: 

? “What is a creative/semester project?” summarizes in 2 slides what it is. ? “What kind of semester project could I do?” suggests different projects you could do.  BTW: The sky is the limit. The list is not restrictive! ? “How Do I Write a Proposal for my Creative Activity/Semester Project?”: You need to submit a proposal if you consider choosing to do such a project.  This document tells you how to do it.  BTW: Such proposals are routinely used in graduate schools!  This activity will prepare you for graduate school. ? You might want to discuss your future project with your instructor before writing your proposal so as to know beforehand whether your idea is acceptable or not.