Topic Sentences for Diversity in Children Literature (File Attached)


Now that you have finalized your thesis sentence for your research project, you need to compose the topic sentences for your project.  Creating topic sentences from your thesis sentence will help keep your ideas focused, unified and coherent as you develop your research ideas into a sentence outline later.  Directions

Refer to your finalized thesis sentence. (Your thesis should include the topic of your research, your claim about that topic, and a list of main ideas you will use to support/prove that claim.) Each topic sentence should serve as a transition and should relate directly back to your thesis sentence ideas; each main idea and your thesis claim from your thesis sentence will serve as the basis for your topic sentences. For example, your first topic sentence should be focused on your thesis claim and the first main idea from your thesis sentence. Your second topic sentence should be focused on your thesis claim and the second main idea from your thesis sentence. Get the idea? Once you have solid topic sentences that relate directly back to your thesis, you will have a framework for developing your research ideas into a sentence outline, which you will complete in a later assignment. 



In the 1800s, young readers became skeptical of Appalachian people after reading about disturbing customs, cultural beliefs, and social behaviors that religious cults created by capitalizing on uneducated and culturally backward mentalities.  

Topic Sentence 1:

Since young readers often read or were exposed to what adults read in the 1800s, many children formed negative stereotypes of Appalachian people after reading about their weird customs. 

Topic Sentence 2:

Young readers in the 1800s also developed skepticism toward Appalachian people after they read about their strange cultural beliefs and connections to religious cults. 

Topic Sentence 3:

Finally, young readers in the 1800s formed biased opinions of Appalachian people as they read about their odd social behaviors. 

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Composing your topic sentences for your outline is worth 10 points. Ensuring that you have strong and solid topic sentences before writing your outline will increase your success with the organization and coherence of your final research project, which will impact your final grade.