Tips for Getting All History Homework Students Engaged in Learning

Tips for Getting All History Homework Students Engaged in Learning

The value a student gets from their time of study or the time they spend when doing homework depends on how engaged they are at the time. You can spend a lot of time with your homework and end up learning very little.

Many history students find the subject quite interesting, and interest is essential in enhancing student engagement. However, there are common History Assignment misses and how to avoid them. When students seek history homework help online, they are some measures tutors can take to ensure continuous and productive engagement.


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The following are some of these measures.

1. Tailor the information to be relevant

The current world is shaped by history. When offering world history homework help, there will always be something that the students can relate to within their country, if not in their neighborhood.

 For example, a student’s great grandfather may have fought in the first or second world war. If a student’s forefather is was a WWII veteran, there may be a family heirloom associated with this war. A photo of the forefather as a dashing young soldier, a medal they won, or a souvenir he carried from some battlefront in Asia that are still in the family. This will enable them to connect with the war at a personal level.

The personal nature of the study will keep the student focused on the lesson. Always ask if there is a personally significant event that connects them to the topic of discussion.

2. Refer to everyday examples

History is a combination of biographies of people who affected the course of humanity in one way or the other. There are still people who are writing history in a big way even today in that regard. It is easy for students to know the movers and shakers in different sectors of society, such as business, innovation, politics, etc. You can help students clarify a picture of the past by creating parallels today.

 For example, Elon Musk is pushing the boundaries of innovation today, but the Wright Brothers were the Elon Musk of their day. Students might find it easier to relate to the events of the past through this understanding. It is also a way of engaging them as they try to recreate life in the past in their minds.

3. Establish a routine

You could begin your history homework sessions with a particular pattern. For instance, start by telling your students to mention something specific about the topic for which they are requesting world history homework help. Knowing they will be expected to contribute to the lesson compels them to prepare for the class in advance. Such preparation is an essential motivator for students to remain engaged in history homework help online or in a regular course.

4. Exploit the student’s passions and interests

One of the challenges with the traditional classroom is that the teacher might have so many students that they have no personal knowledge of them. Teaching them history in this context takes a general course that doesn’t tag the student’s passions.

To engage students who are seeking history HW help, first understand their passions. If the student’s interest in history is politics, you could emphasize the political intrigues that President Truman had to deal with before bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If they are interested in military history, you could focus on the military men such as J. Robert Oppenheimer, who were involved in the operation. Whatever the student is most interested in becomes the anchor with which they hold all other information in the topic.

5. Involve the student in planning the lesson

Students typically have good ideas on planning classes. They are more likely to remain engaged throughout the class if they were involved in its design.

 You can entertain students’ ideas concerning the formation of study groups. Ideas such as who should be in which group, how big the group should be, and which activity the group should be involved in.

 A tutor could also try to adapt their teaching to a student’s pace as much as possible. Students are more likely to be engaged if they aren’t frustrated by a learning pace that is either too fast or too slow. A student may find one topic more exciting and therefore want to spend more time conducting further research than they spend on others. Allow them to do it if you aren’t too pressed for time.

The other way you can involve your student in planning the lesson is by giving them homework choices from time to time. You can create a menu of questions and topics from which they can do their homework. Having a say on the type of questions they will answer means they might be more engaged through the homework lesson.

6. Help students engage in self-monitoring

Students, in general, want to learn. It is on rare occasions that you find a student who will intentionally veer off course. Lack of engagement in class is often involuntary; distractions, a boring lesson, etc. The best way to keep a student engaged, especially when giving them history homework help online, is by equipping them to reengage when necessary.

You can help them by equipping them with self-monitoring skills. The skills will enable them to know when they know whether they are still engaged in the lesson or not and then adjust accordingly.