The Source of Self-Regard discussion

Watch the video:

First (this will take some time),  watch the first video in its entirety, and then review the following excerpt. Write a critique of the interview.

Watch the video:

Second, please share a list of recommended selections from The Source of Self-Regard that you have chosen to focus on, and discuss one in particular. Name the selection, summarize it, and then discuss the most important points made in the writing.


1-2 pages.

Review Modern Language Association (MLA) style in A WriterÂ’s Reference

Read: The Source of Self-Regard (Morrison).

Do not use personal pronouns or contractions when writing in “Discussion” modules.

 A good way to approach the “Discussion” sections is to think of yourself as a critic using your selected lens. Writing in the discussion modules should be brief 1-2 pages. Please use Modern Language Association (MLA) style for quotes, in-text citations, and Works Cited.