The NEW left ! info below

Responses should be three to four pages long, typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1” margins, printed page numbers, and double-spaced. Your name should only be on a title page (along with a title) at the end of the document file (to ensure blind grading). Responses will draw from that week’s readings and lectures. Questions for each response are below. Your response should have a thesis that directly answers the italicized question (which is supported throughout the response. Note: move beyond simple moral judgments of the past, but rather analyze critically using the documents.) Responses will be graded on content, analysis, and mechanics. Be sure to refer to the Writing Guide for all specific requirements and citation formatting.


PLEASE USE “The Movements of the New left 1950-1975” in answering + the power points


Each response should clearly refer to or cite at least two documents from that week’s reading. Documents should help support the thesis of the response.



Briefly, what was the New Left? What factors contributed to the emergence of the New Left? Explain at least three goals that activists hoped to achieve in the postwar period. What united and divided the various factions? Specifically, what did Black Power and the Civil Rights Movement have in common? How did they differ? Ultimately, why did the New Left consensus break down?