The Life of David Gale

read the the attached document and The answers should be thoughtful with at least 5 sentences per answer
1. What does it mean for our understanding of the whole story that David himself removed the tape? Look for clues in the summary to the ending of the film. 
2. Is  David a  hero, or is he a deceitful conspirator? Can one be both? Is there another possibility? Does the final scene of the tape undercut David’s own intentions of sacrificing himself? And what do you think about Constance’s decision to participate in her own death, to make a moral point? 
3. Is this a film about the  death penalty , about believing in a cause, about making one’s life count, or perhaps a bit of all of those elements? In the end, is it an abolitionist film? Who, in effect, are we supposed to root for? 
4. Would it be fair to say that David Gale believes in the idea that the end (ending capital punishment) justifies the means (faking a murder)? Does that make him a utilitarian?