Summary of Poems

     Choose ONE of the following questions and answer it. 

1.  Analyze how any ONE of the assigned John Keats poems addresses mortality (not morality) and/or immortality (not immorality)

 2.  Choose ONE of the assigned John Keats poems and discuss the role that some form of art other than writing plays in the poem. 

3. Explain how “The Lamb” & “The Tyger,” are the opposite sides of the same coin of their companion poems.  In other words, how does each poem address the same subject as its counterpart from the completely opposite viewpoint? 

4  Dissect Mary Wollstonecraft’s argument in “Vindication for the Rights of Woman” that properly educated women make the best wives. 

 Each response needs only to be THREE WELL-DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS, (about 250-500 words) but if you feel the need to take a topic and run with it, then feel free to do so. I will grade your responses based on the following criteria: I will look at the thoughtfulness of the answer. Your posting should have a thesis and some development to prove that thesis. If you simply answer the question without adding anything valuable to the discussion, then you’ll get a minimal grade. If you raise interesting questions or interpretations to the reading, then your grade will be higher.    

NOTE: It is better to only have one or two major points for a thesis and then develop that point fully than it is to have three or four points without developing any of those points at all.    

The second criterion that I will be grading your response on is surface errors. This is, after all, an English class.  Just because this is only a short reader response does not mean that you can have a lot of spelling errors, run-on sentences, sentence fragments agreement errors, missing punctuation, or second person pronouns (you, your, you’re) in your response.  Since you had to pass both English 1101 and 1102 to take this class, I will expect you to write your paper with a mastery of collegiate-level grammar.   

I REQUIRE you to use a minimum of one direct quote (more if necessary) to help solidify your evidence.  When you use direct quotes, be sure to-  
  Format the quote properly in MLA FORMAT.  If it’s three lines or fewer, use short quote format, complete with setting the quote off with a comma and enclosing it in quotation marks.  If the quote runs into a fourth line, then it should be a block quote.  CITE the page numbers (for prose) or line numbers (for poetry) for every single quote.  Improperly citing a source, or not citing the source at all, will cause the writer to lose points.  I have included two handouts in the MLA folder of our class page.  One is titled “Quoting Prose,” and the other one is “Quoting Poetry.” Please refer to these handouts, depending on whether you are quoting from a poem or a prose work, to help make sure that you are formatting and citing your quotations properly.  

The Poems Provided: Ode to Psyche, on seeing the Elgin Marbles, Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on a Grecian Urn,

I know the due date says 02/11/2019 but I really need it by 11:59 tonight willing to negotiate price.