Short Business Report with Memo of Transmittal

 Information Technology 

Parameters, Short Business Report with Memo of Transmittal This document provides the basic parameters (assignment details) required for formal project 3 (FP-3), the short business report. Observe these details when preparing your report, and ask your instructor for additional clarification, if necessary. Report Topic (Scenario) An instructor from one of your curriculum-related courses has asked you to prepare a report recommending a total of six different sources: (a) three top publications (which may be print, online, or both) and (b) three top websites related to your course or curriculum. In your report, you must (a) specify the title of each publication and website, (b) specify the URL (web address) of each website, and (c) briefly summarize or describe each publication and each website. You will also include a memorandum of transmittal to forward the report to your instructor. Note: If you have not yet taken classes in your program, you will need to engage in a bit of investigative homework. You may need to email or visit faculty or fellow classmates for needed details. Transmittal Memorandum The first page of your document must be the memorandum of transmittal. This memo serves to explain the audience, author, and basic purpose of the attached report. It should be concise (short and to the point), and should reflect no page number. The memo should indicate an appropriate date of transmission of the report itself and may not exceed one page. Report Page(s) At the top of the first page of the report, include the report title (the same title that you identify in the transmittal memo), your name (as author of the report), and the date (of the report’s completion). If your report covers multiple pages, include a page number at the top of each page. (The first page of a multiple-page report should be numbered as page 1 because the transmittal memo is not technically part of the report). ? The report starts with an introduction section, including a statement of purpose for the report. This paragraph should provide essential background information and should end with a clear “road map” that tells the reader what to expect in the remainder of the report. ? After the introduction, you may use headings and subheadings in the body of the report to ease the reader’s task. For example, possible headings for the “Fraud Liability” report might include “Analysis of Liability for Fraud,” “Other Considerations,” “Conclusions,” and “Recommendations.” Parameters, Short Business Report, page 2 ? A conclusion section is required to respond to the report’s purpose and how the report has achieved it. The conclusion may include further recommendations. ? The length of the report will be determined by necessity to convey the introduction, body detail and discussion, and conclusions but must include at least three adequately developed paragraphs or sections (and probably not more than five paragraphs or sections). ? If you choose to add tables or and figures, each should all be labeled and formatted appropriately. ? Make sure that all sources are acknowledged accurately and adequately for the intended reader. 

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