Research/ arguement essay


Thesis Statement: Although the punishment of children might sometimes turn into abuse, I argue that the authoritative parenting style teaches children morals through role modeling, positive discipline, and reasonable corporal punishment used for the best interest of child.

You need to write the essay around this thesis statement and use the research in the annotated bibliography to write this essay. There are 4 sources in the research..use all the sources from there. 

You will need: 

-An argument that has two sides
-A thesis statement using the model given to you
-paragraphs using the claim, data, and warrant model
-4 sources of research that will be used as the data in your paragraphs
-a paragraph with a counter claim (also using claim, data, and warrant)
-an introduction and conclusion that discuss your topic in a broad way and connect to one another
-in-text citations that lead to your Works Cited page
-a properly formatted Works Cited page with your 4 sources correctly cited