Weight: 40%

Length/duration: 2500 words

Due Date: 27th Dec, 2019

The objective of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability to integrate the knowledge you have accumulated during your study program and to  reflect on your current learning. It requires you to make in-depth critical evaluations of current work practices in your internship organisation. Additionally you have the opportunity to make recommendations for future course and internship developments. As you are now working in industry it is imperative that you demonstrate your ability to prepare a professional, industry standard report.

General notes

Your report should be professionally presented and follow a Formal Report Writing format. Visit the Academic Skills website ( to obtain the guide to writing reports.

For the purposes of this assessment it is acceptable to use the first person (i.e. I, my, me). A minimum of ten well-integrated academic references are required in this report. The 2500-word length excludes your reference list and any appendices you may want to include.

Report Structure

Structure your report as follows:

Executive Summary

Remember that an Executive Summary of a report is just that, a summary. It contains a statement of report purpose and an overview of the actual and specific findings from each section. It should be no longer than one page. The Executive Summary can only be written after you have completed your report and should be written in ‘past’ tense (e.g. the purpose of this report was to …).  If an Executive Summary is well written the reader should be able to understand the main points, findings, and conclusions of the actual report without having to read the full report. Further help with writing your Executive Summary can be found in this Teaching & Learning Quick Guide:


Ensure that each heading number, heading and page number are included and professionally laid out. The easiest and most professional way to achieve this is to use the Word feature that automatically creates a Contents table for you. You can create a Contents table using the built-in heading styles and outline-level formats in Microsoft Word. Use these consistently when typing your headings and once you have finished typing your document, place your curser at the beginning of your document, but after your title page then go to Insert, then Reference then Index and Tables, then Table of Contents. If you have formatted and numbered your headings and subheadings using these heading styles, you should instantly end up with a professional-looking Contents table complete with page numbers.

1.0 Introduction (200 words approximately)

Introduction to the report, indicate what you will be talking about and in what order. Check the Academic Skills Quick Guides for tip on writing an effective introduction:

2.0 Overview of [Insert Organisation Name Here] and Internship Placement (500–750 words approximately)

2.1 Organisational Background

Name of organisation
Dates of placement

Description/background of the organisation in your own words (e.g. ownership, location, activities, target markets). Do not cut and paste from the Internet or company documents. Ensure you accurately acknowledge your sources of information through correct referencing technique.

2.2 Roles and Achievements during Internship Placement

In this section you should:

· briefly outline what you did during your placement (Position Descriptions may be attached as an appendix)

· discuss the factors that helped or hindered your ability to achieve the learning goals you outlined in your learning contract (Assessment 1)

· summarise your learning goals and discuss whether they were acheived. Attach the updated learning goals table as an appendix

· discuss the most valuable learning experience of your internship placement

· complete the SBaT Student Self-Evaluation available here and from the Assessment Tasks and Submission link of the MySCU site. Present an overivew of your self evaluation in this part of the report, and include as an appendix

· make some recommendations that could improve the overall course and/or Work Integrated Learning program (including the Professional Development and Internship units).

3.0 Professional Impact of the Placement and Integrating University Studies with the Workplace (1200–1400 words approximately)

In this section, you are required to provide insights into the professional field associated with your placement by answering the following:

3.1 Management Skills and Qualities Required in [Insert Industry Sector Name Here] Industry

Discuss the management skills and qualities you believe are important for career success in the professional field associated with your placement. Draw upon on your placement experience and observations, to explain why you believe these skills/qualities are important and link to relevant theory

3.2 Key Workplace Issues Facing [Insert Organisation Name Here]

Critically evaluate key workplace practices or issues facing your organisation. As above, you should draw upon on your placement experience and observations and support your discussion with relevant academic literature as appropriate.

3.3 Recommended Solutions

For one or two of these issues only, demonstrate your creative problem-solving abilities by integrating relevant theory with your inside knowledge and experience, to develop detailed and in-depth recommendations for potential solutions. Support your recommendations with relevant research, academic literature, concepts and principles. Be realistic in your approach, taking into account organisational resourcing and budgetary constraints.

4.0 Conclusion (150 words approximately)

Conclude and summarise the report.


Appendix A (Updated learning plan)

Appendix B (Self-assessment)

Appendix C (Include any other appendices as required. Please note that figures and tables should be included in the body of your report)