report about women's health issues

Write a 300 word report about one or more women’s health issues that affect women’s health health throughout the lifespan.  You will discuss the issue of your choice and address the bullet point components below.  You may use health resources such as news articles, government websites (,, websites of reputable organizations such as educational institutions, national health organizations, hospitals, etc., and the textbook as resources, but be sure to cite your sources.

Your report must illustrate the connections between (or effects of) your chosen topic upon mental, social, emotional, physical, and sexual health. 

Include a discussion about the relationship between nutrition, physical activity, and health and how these factors interact with the women’s health issue of your choice.

Cite your sources

Be sure to use your own words and be careful not to plagiarize in any form or fashion.

This reflection will be submitted as a text entry.  You may wish to complete it as a word document first and then copy/paste your original content into the text box for submission.