Read the attached file carefully and Answer the following questions in detail. 

DUE IN 4 HOURS!!!    (2 points) What does Foss suggest are the two criteria for selecting an appropriate artifact? Summarize in your own words.

a. (2 points) Based on Foss’ second criterion, what is an example of an artifact that you might choose to analyze using rhetorical criticism? Explain why.

2. (4 points) Think about a current event that you are interested in or familiar with and formulate sample research questions about this event based on Foss’ suggestions for each of the following components of the communication process:

Current event:

a.   Rhetor:

b.   Audience:

c.   Situation:

d.   Message:

3. (4 points) Using the ladder of abstraction, list at least 4 different search terms you could use to conduct literature review research for an analysis of the current event that you identified in question 2 (list in order). 

4. (5 points) Based on Foss’ descriptions of the five major components of a rhetorical criticism essay, rank order these components from least important (5) to most important (1) and briefly explain why you think the component you listed as number 1 is the most important.

a.   1)

b.   2)

c.   3)

d.   4)

e.   5) 

5. (2 points) Based on the information in this chapter, what are the similarities and differences between a rhetorical criticism essay and essays that you have written for other classes (list at least one similarity and one difference)? 

6. (1 point) List any questions you have after completing this reading (a minimum of one):