QA – English 1301



Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Think about  the Essay 3 assignment, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with  rhetorical analysis and summary, and make a plan for writing an  effective rhetorical analysis of a public service announcement. Type  your answers in a DOC or DOCX file: What is the difference between summarizing a source and analyzing a source? What is your best strength in writing rhetorical analysis? What is your biggest weakness in writing rhetorical analysis? How do you plan on improving on that weakness for Essay 3? How could you use the MEAL Plan to write body paragraphs for an  essay in another course, perhaps one that asks you to propose a  solution, make an argument, or evaluate a product (like a phone or a  work of art or a government policy)? You have noticed that Essay 3 asks you to analyze a video whereas  you have only analyzed written texts so far. How can you use the same  summarizing strategies that you’ve used to summarize articles, speeches,  and letters to summarize a video? You may use the video you have  selected for Essay 3 here, if you need to. Explain how a video can appeal to a value or an emotion as easily  as a letter or speech or written argument? You may use the video you’ve  selected for Essay 3.