Project plan (2 pages )

Read this information below then follow the instructions in the file :

The project plan is to set out a plan for the conduct of the project.  The plan is to be in a form which would be suitable for a senior manager to commit resources to the project.  The plan should provide evidence that the project is feasible, i.e, that the resources in terms of staff, data and time are available.  Students should provide an estimate of their charge-out rate, and apply that to calculate the labour cost of the plan.  Different students in the same group may have different charge-out rates,

Students are not to spend real money on obtaining specialist reports, etc.

The final report should include the conventional elements of reports as you will have covered in earlier units.  In addition, you should include a copy of the plan as previously submitted, together with an appendix indicating how much time was actually used for each member of the team.  It is expected that actual time used will be substantially greater than the time allowed in the plan.  Marks are awarded for your reflection on the reasons for the plan not being adhered to.  You should also cost the labour component of the report, using the charge-out rates you set in the plan.  [If the group claims to have delivered the project on time and on budget, it will have very little to talk about in the appendix.  There are no marks lost for your plan not turning out to be accurate!].