PRE proposal.

you will submit a 2-page research proposal. In your proposal, you will choose a research topic ( the topic is: Sexaul Objectification of Women/Men in media). identify preliminary research questions and working thesis statements, consider secondary research sources, and analyze prospective audiences for your persuasive researched essay. ( see attachment below will be one article source + you will search for more sources) 

Assignment requirements: Your research proposal should include the following information and use these format guidelines.
Research Topic: In two or three paragraphs, describe your proposed research topic and explain your interest in the topic.
Preliminary Research Questions: Identify at least two issue questions about your topic that will inform your preliminary research.
Secondary Research Sources: Discuss three secondary research sources you will use to conduct your preliminary research.
Write a paragraph about each secondary research source. Summarize the source and answer these questions:
What is the title of the book, article, or website?
Who is the author of the book or article?
What organization sponsors the website?
When was the book or article published?
When was the website last updated?
How do you think the book, article, or website will help you address your preliminary research questions?
Summarize the source
 4. Working Thesis Statements: Use your preliminary research questions and what you’ve discovered in your research to write two working thesis statements about your topic. Do not just make these pro/con statements; for example, 1. We should not encourage space exploration. 2. We should not encourage space exploration. Instead, consider two different angles/possibilities.
 5. Prospective Audiences: Analyze two prospective audiences for your argument.Write a paragraph about each prospective audience that answers these questions:
Who is your audience?
What is the audience’s special interest in your topic?
What is the audience’s level of expertise in your topic?
How do you think the audience will respond to your working thesis statements? Why?
 To identify prospective audiences for your argument, think about specific individuals or groups affected by your topic or those who have the power to implement your solution.
 6.  What you need to learn:  For the concluding paragraph, discuss where you might look next in your research process.  What do you see as the next step?  Where might you start looking during your next library visit?
 Format (Use the following guidelines to design your research proposal)
 1. Write your proposal in memo format (like an outline).
 2. Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, and single space your proposal with blank lines between paragraphs.
 3. Use the headings outlined in the “Content” section of this assignment description to organize your proposal.

**** please make sure to follow all the requirements****