Persuasive Speech and Annotated Bibliography for Persuasive Speech

PART 1  

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

This assignment is connected to your Persuasive Speech you are giving 

This speech requires you to use at least 5 sources. This assignment will give you an opportunity to evaluate the sources you’ve chosen for this speech. You will be using APA format.

An annotated bibliography lists your references in APA format, but it is more than a reference page that gives a simple list of sources. An annotated bibliography requires you to evaluate your sources. You should look at your sources and discuss the relevance, accuracy, and quality of each source.

Typically an annotated bibliography is 100–150 words long per citation.

The links below provide additional information and examples:

 PART 2 

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech

This will be a 5–7 minute persuasive speech in which you will present a problem in society and convince us that your solution can solve the problem. You will need to use persuasive language and strong sources to accomplish this. 

Caution: Your speech will be more effective if you choose an issue that you actually care about. You will automatically come across as more passionate and concerned. Choosing a local topic in (Jacksonville, Fl) also helps but isint required. Try to stay away from overused topics such as abortion, the death penalty, etc. Some topic suggestions might include recycling, arts in the schools, spaying/neutering pets, organic foods, etc.


An outline is required for this speech. Please use the attached outline template. Do not write your speech out word for word. The outline is due when you submit the speech.

You must use 5 valid research sources for this speech. You will provide these sources in an annotated bibliography. The explanation for this assignment can be found in Module 8. see attached files for module 8 and module 9