personal reflection essay

Many cultural anthropologists agree that one of the greatest benefits of learning another’s culture is that it creates opportunity to learn more about one’s own.  Write a 500-700 word essay (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font) exploring three areas in which you have grown through your understanding of the American multicultural classroom and how it will impact your life when you return to your native country and begin an education career there. This may include personal experience, ideas from the textbook, classroom presentations, etc. This may also include, but is not limited to, ideas from our text that you hope to incorporate into future classrooms or general cultural awareness that led to a specific area of growth within yourself. This essay genuine and sincere from your own perspective. Do not share ideas with classmates, as this should be unique to you.I want to add this information on my paper I am from Saudi Arabia and we do not have a lot of different  cultures in my country. but my plan is to teach in united Arab emirates (Dubai) in Dubai there are many different cultures. you can use only three areas from these six 1.How to encourage and implement interaction in the multicultural classroom: consider cooperative learning activities

2.How to provide effective feedback to limited English speakers without embarrassing or frustrating them: consider error correction, questioning in a non-threatening manner, wait time, consistency, etc.

3.How to adjust your speech as a teacher in a multicultural classroom

4.Ways to help your international students understand and follow the rules and routines in an American classroom

5.Ways to help your American and international students appreciate cultural diversity in the classroom and relate to each other

6.Describe different types of classes for language minority students: immersion, submersion, pull-out, sheltered, bilingual; evaluate each one.