Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

What is Personal Philosophy?

Personal philosophy is a system of thoughts on one’s perspectives, goals, and desired quality of life. Though we are all born with a set of beliefs and ideas, personal philosophy is not something that we can grant ourselves; it must be developed over time. Personal philosophy is the mindset you have about the world and yourself that determines how you will live your life.There so many successful philosophers who you can have a clue about philosophy like Aristotle.

Why is Having Personal Philosophy Important?

Having a personal philosophy is important, as it defines the course of your life and actions. Not having a personal philosophy will leave one to live a life they are not satisfied with without ever realizing what could have been. The following are reasons why its important to have a personal philosophy;


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1. Personal philosophy helps with citical thinking and reasoning

Personal Philosophy helps with critical thinking, as it helps one form a framework of thinking around which they will base their decisions. It also allows people to make choices that may not be right in the eyes of others, but are right for them. The ability to reason without being bogged down in interpretation makes personal philosophy more than just a set of beliefs to live by.

2. Personal philosophy helps define who you are

Having a personal philosophy helps define what it means to be you. The self-identity that is built from a philosophy also allows for people to go beyond themselves, and start looking at the world from a more universal point of view. It also encourages people to take on higher ideals, as this helps give purpose to their actions and make them something more than just an instant reaction.

3. Personal philosophy helps understand others

Understanding the philosophies of others is important in building a basic understanding of their actions and behavior. Personal philosophy is also used by people to understand themselves, as it allows one to see why they behave in certain ways, and how that can be changed for the better. Understanding what drives others helps us see the people behind the actions, and thus respect them more for those reasons.

4. Personal Philosophy helps in the development of character

Personal philosophy plays an important role in the development of character. It helps define what is important to the people, and what they believe is worth fighting for. Through developing one’s personal philosophy, one can learn to be more compassionate towards others, and ultimately themselves. Developing a character based on personal philosophy will allow a person to overcome difficulties more easily, as they are able to mentally place their thoughts into action.

How to create a personal philosophy

Creating a personal philosophy is possible for everyone. However, the process of developing one is not the same for everyone, so it may be hard to find a general process that everybody can follow. Some people look back on their lives to see what has made them who they are. Others go through life experiences and analyze them as they happen. 

Still, others try to write down their thoughts every day to see how they develop over time. Understanding the branches of philosophy will be a big push especially if you want to create your personal philosophy. 

While there is no one step or formula to follow, here is a possible process to follow:

Step 1: Read over your life’s experiences. This step can be done in two ways. The first way is to analyze the experiences that have happened in your past and look at what they have done to you. The second way is to look at the underlying philosophy of these experiences and apply that philosophy as a guide for your future actions. This may take time but will help to come up with fundamental beliefs about yourself.

Step 2: Analyze your life to see what the underlying philosophy is. This step has three parts.

a) Do things that you believe are not in accordance with your personal philosophy. Once you start to realize that there are things you do every day that do not fit with your personal philosophy, this is a good sign that one needs to reevaluate their personal philosophy.

b) Ask yourself questions about anything in life; the job, relationships, goals, etcetera. When asking yourself these questions, try to think about the underlying reason why you are doing certain things. For example, thinking about how a certain action makes you feel (such as where you work or go to school) as opposed to just concentrating on the action.

c) Think back on your experiences. This step will bring up memories and perspectives that you may have forgotten or never realized. It is important to remember that this process of recalling past experiences can be painful or exhilarating, so take care when doing so. This step may take a while but will help create a worldview to guide your thoughts and actions.

Step 3: Write down your personal philosophy. This step is important because it allows you to see the evolution of your personal philosophy over time. Once people have finished writing down their personal philosophy they may realize that it changed a lot since they started writing it down. Knowing this makes people realize that their personal philosophy has developed over time, and can serve as an inspiration for the new version.

Personal Philosophies You Need For Success In Life

Becoming successful in life takes a lot more than just hard work. It takes a combination of talent, luck, and the right personal philosophy. Personal philosophies are an integral part of everybody’s life, but it is how you apply that philosophy that determines your success. The following are philosophies you can employ to be successful in life:

1. Always act from personal integrity

The integrity of one’s personal philosophy is the first thing that will determine their success in life. If people are acting against their personal philosophy they become frustrated with themselves and will go nowhere. However, once people have a strong personal integrity to guide them, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

2. Take responsibility for your world

People that think they are not responsible for anything in their lives are setting themselves up for failure. The only way to create a successful life is by taking responsibility for things that matter. This may be seen as a negative concept, but it is helpful if one can take responsibility for everything in their life. Doing so will make people realize the importance of other actions to their success.

3. Your purpose is to make good things happen

People need to learn that their purpose in life is to make other people’s life good. By doing so, people help other people and themselves. If one acts out of pure selfishness, they will find no shortage of troubles in their life. However, when one learns how to act with a positive perspective, they naturally become happier and more successful themselves.

4. Live your life deliberately

People who live a life of no purpose will find no meaning in life. If a person wants to be successful, then they need to find their life’s meaning, and live their life by it. Once people have decided what is important to them, they can find more fulfillment in their daily lives.

6 Personal Philosophies That Shaped Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to have a strong personal philosophy, as many of them have been inspired by the individuals they follow in life. Below you will find six personal philosophies that helped successful entrepreneurs start and sustain businesses:

1. Be mindful in your  personal and  professional life

Successful entrepreneurs are mindful in all areas of their life. This includes being mindful of how they treat people who are not as important to them, how they treat themselves, being mindful of the things they do, and being mindful of what business decisions they make. Being mindful is something that successful entrepreneurs do daily to overcome the challenges that come with running a business. This philosophy has been employed by Dustin Moscovitz who is the founder of Facebook and Asana. 

2. Look for opportunities to leave the  World a better place

Successful entrepreneurs want to improve the world they live in. This can be achieved by starting a business that will help improve the world or by doing things such as donating money, time, and even clothing. Many successful entrepreneurs do this on their own and publicly boast about it, which attracts others people who want to donate to them. This philosophy has been employed by Richard Branson who is the founder of Virgin and runs campaigns that encourage people to get active and/or donate money.

3. Learn  by doing

Successful entrepreneurs know that they can learn the most by doing. This is especially true in business, where many businesses fail because they have not been able to learn from the mistakes they have made. If an entrepreneur is not willing to fail, then they will never be able to learn anything new and grow as a person. This philosophy has been employed by Zach Sims who believes that people learn by doing. 

4. Realize that there are many different paths to success

One of the things that successful entrepreneurs know is that there are many different paths to success. Many people think they have to follow one specific path to success, however, there are many different ways. Having a personal philosophy like this helps an entrepreneur realize that there is no one way to succeed and that whatever way their partner chooses will be the right one for them. Katia Beauchamp believes that there is no specific way to strategize or do your business. Its when you choose different paths that you are more likely to succeed. 

5. Recognize that your time is limited, so think big

One of the best personal philosophies that successful entrepreneurs have is that they recognize time is limited. They know they have a limited amount of time on this earth and that it is important to think big. Successful entrepreneurs realize that thinking big includes having goals and creating deadlines so they can achieve them before their time expires. This philosophy has been employed by Jeff Lawson who believes that every person should think big and not be afraid to fail.

6. Take action to improve your community

Successful entrepreneurs know that what they do in the community is important. They feel a strong obligation to help shape the world around them and to create a better place for other people. By doing so, an entrepreneur inspires others to follow them and improves their own life. Logan Green believes that entrepreneurship is one way we can improve the world, but we must be inspired by other people in order to be successful.

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to fail. They understand that many things will hinder their success, and in order to overcome these obstacles, they need to think outside of the box. The best way to do this is by thinking hard and using personal philosophies that have been proven to be successful.

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