Part 1

Part 1:

Read attached Chapter 5 and the article link below. Then answer the two questions below using both chapter 5 and the article link:

1. What are the goals of employee selection? 

2. Compare and contrast two selection methods and discuss how they impact the achievement of organizational objectives. 

                                *minimum of 300 words*

Part 2:

Performance management is an important HRM function as it involves the actions taken to align employee performance with organizational objectives. After reading the article link below, answer the two questions below:

1. List and explain three mistakes you have experienced or witnessed in the workplace. 

2. What would be your recommendations to correct these mistakes? 

3. Explain how your recommendations would contribute to effective performance management. 

                                     *minimum of 300 words*

Part 3: 

Read chapter 3 attachments and answers the 4 questions below,

1.Choose one of the chronic conditions covered in the chapter 3 attachments other than Cancer.

2.Include a summary of the chronic condition and how it leads to changes in behaviors, disability, or morbidity.

  Considering the perspective of the patient, respond to this discussion           below addressing the topic STIGMAS:

1. Discuss two stigmas associated with people who have the chosen chronic illnesses.

2. Give examples of how each of the stigmas chosen may affect their interactions with people.

*Minimum 250 words in length, using the attachments and one scholarly resources*

submit turnitin in report for all three PARTS, answer all three parts on separate piece of paper, and answer all questions in detail. I will be checking all parts with a fine tooth comb.