Order 679367: Doctor Faustus

  Type of paper Argumentative Essay
  Subject Literature
  Number of pages 5
  Format of citation Other
  Number of cited resources  2
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Our first two  essays have focused on finding and following thematic threads, and then  crafting an argumentative essay based on textual analysis. The third  essay (this one) pushes these skills forward by bringing in the voices  of others  As we?ve been studying Doctor Faustus, I?ve given you various ?contexts?  to help you interpret the main ?text?. For example, it?s interesting to  think about how the play ?performs danger? by having black magic  rituals acted out on stage. An essay could take this idea, integrate it  with contextual/historical insight (magic was explicitly forbidden when  the play was written) and think about how audiences reacted to such  acts, both then and now.  In this essay, you will be expected to add your own context and  integrate it into your analysis.  Now that you?ve finished the play, begin by briefly sketching a few of  the most interesting themes, ideas, and character aspects of the text.  This is to give you a basis on which to build your contextual  foundation.  Using the basic subject/theme/ideas in the book, Research your ideas  further; find interesting ideas that others have put forward that you an  use to bounce your own ideas off of (like from Library websites,  Journal Bases, etc) Think of it as if you?re having a conversation with a  person; they?ve spent some time thinking about this play and are  telling you their thoughts, and you?re engaging with what they?re  telling you and responding with something of your own.  Keep in mind the point of the research is not to find people who have  already argued what you?re arguing. Instead, bounce off them. Something  like ?Others have said X about this topic in Doctor Faustus, but I say  Y?  The basic essay structure will still heavily feature your own argument,  but now you will have others arguments interwoven into the ?fabric? of  your essay. That is, don?t just randomly drop little pieces of others?  work into your essay without connecting it to any of your larger points.  2 sources – One from the book, one from library catalog/databases