One essay about the movie Get Out

I need one page single spaced essay 12 font Time New Roman Essay. IT NEED TO BE EASY WORDING



Get Out is a 2017 film that examines issues surrounding race in the United States. For the extra credit opportunity, watch the film and provide a one-page analysis of an issue that the film seeks to highlight for audiences. Use texts and/or discussions from class in your analysis.

The movie touches on many important topics. Please choose one issue on which to focus your analysis. Please state at the beginning of your analysis what issue you will be discussing. For example, you might examine the filmÂ’s commentary on the extent to which stereotypes about African-Americans have changed over time, whether forms of racial oppression and discrimination have stayed the same or shifted over time, problems with mainstream progressive arguments/views about racial (in)equality, etc.

If you demonstrate in your analysis that you have critically thought about and examined an issue that the film highlights, you will receive the extra credit. However, completion of the extra credit assignment does not automatically guarantee receiving the extra credit. For example, submissions that only contain a few sentences of analysis, do not draw from texts and/or discussions from class, do not follow the formatting requirements, or include multiple spelling errors (i.e., have not been proofread) will not receive the extra credit.