Journal entry EDUU 510

Ch. 6 Cooper/ryan link:

Article on Implicit bias Link:


Article on Implicit Biases

Hidden Bias Test  

Powerpoint attachment at the bottom:

 “Effective Teaching Powerpoint”, 


1.  After reading Ryan and Cooper Chapter 6 describe the attitudes effective teachers possess. Which of

     those attitudes did you most connect with and why.

2. After viewing the “Effective Teaching Powerpoint”, Ryan and Cooper Chapter 6 and reviewing theTPEs

    compare and contrast Ryan and Cooper’s view of effective teaching with the TPEs.

     How are the two views similar? How do they differ?

3.  Read the article about implicit or hidden biases and then take one of the Hidden Bias Tests (see link

     above). What did you learn about biases and their impact on students and what did you learn about


Due by Friday 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time