Intro to Communication 4-6 Page Essay on Interpersonal Theory


The point of the point is to connect interpersonal communication to mass communication.  You will be assigned an interpersonal theory which you will apply to a medium such as a film, video, or television program. For example, “Social Penetration Theory as Exemplified through the Film, When Harry Met Sally” or “Examples of Uncertainty Reduction Theory in the Sitcom, Friends”. These are just a few ideas based on numerous subjects addressed in the textbook. Media content must be approved by me by Wednesday, March 20th. Papers will be due on or before Monday, April 29th. 

Requirements for the paper:  

*Media content must be approved by Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

* 4-6 pages in length

*An average of one credible, academic source per page required


*collated & stapled (not paper-clipped)

* Title page: your name, my name, title, date, course information

*I expect perfect grammar and punctuation

*Pages will be numbered 

*Margins no larger than 1” 

*Font size no larger than 12 

*Interpersonal Theory is Uncertainty Reduction Theory