How to Help Your Students Overcome Calculus Homework Anxiety

How To Help Your Students Overcome Calculus Homework Anxiety

Calculus is a chapter in arithmetic that some students would like to forget. It covers several procedures and drawing, each requiring time to understand concepts. Most students that have a problem mastering calculus concepts are always anxious when they get homework on the topic. Luckily, there are few ways that you may help students overcome anxiety whenever they get calculus homework.

Anxiety is a natural reaction when you are not sure what to do next. Unfortunately, this feeling leads to decreased performance on the subject that triggers it. Therefore, it is good to find ways to handle the feeling before it affects the overall performance in math.


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Here are ways to reduce calculus anxiety;

  • Start by Dispelling the Myths

There are several false believes that surround calculus and math in general. Unfortunately, none of the myths helps students become better in the subject. A popular myth is that you must have been born talented in math to pass in calculus. While some people are generally good at math, nothing shows that average students cannot understand calculus concepts.

The second myth is that boys do better in calculus than girls. Girls can pass in math too. Most boys are encouraged to pursue math-based courses that require them to study hard in calculus. This means that if most girls put the same effort into studying the topic, they would perform as good as their male counterparts.

Third, some students believe that some of the calculus concepts are not applied anywhere in life. The opposite is true. Calculus is incorporated across various courses, from engineering to architecture and business. Tell them that they need to put effort as their calculus grade calculus counts when reaching their dream career.

  • Add some Fun to Calculus

Most students take calculus or math in general as a dull subject. Therefore, adding some fun to the subject may go a long way to reducing anxiety. Students may work in teams where they can have fun working out various calculus problems. You may also find a few calculus games online to help each practice when alone. The more they play with various functions, the less they become afraid of them and better solve problems.

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  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any other subject, the only way to get comfortable with calculus functions is to practice. With time, different concepts become familiar, and students are able to apply them with ease. If required to work on various problems, encourage them to start with the easiest and gradually handle the complex ones. This warms up the brain to handle tough queries. If they struggle to understand any of the subtopics, ask them to go back to the books and learn from scratch, as study and practice would help them understand any complex topics and fight any anxiety.

  • Get a Helping Hand

Sometimes students still do not understand a particular area in calculus even after going back to their books. This is where they need some help. They may get assistance from fellow students who understood the area. However, if they cannot reach any of them, take the students through the area. A deeper understanding helps fight anxiety and increase comprehension.

If the problem area is included in the assignment, students consider getting calculus HW help from professional tutors. This buys them time to reread and practice on the area they struggle with without risking low grades.

  • Change Your Attitude and Focus

Sometimes what we think gets in the way of achieving our success.  Tell students to start convincing themselves that they can pass in calculus. If you are a tutor or parent, encourage the young students rather than scolding them. It is also good to show them how success in the career of their dreams intertwines with understanding calculus. This helps them focus on overcoming calculus challenges in the pursuit of their goals.

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