How Science Has Transformed Our Lives in the Best Possible Ways

How Science Has Transformed Our Lives in the Best Possible Ways

Within the last century, human beings have advanced greatly in all facets of science. These include health, technology, astronomy, agriculture, microbiology and physics, among others. This profoundly affected the quality of life and how we solved different challenges plaguing our lives. This article looks at some of the best possible ways that science has transformed our lives.

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Here are the positive effects of science in our lives

  • Electricity and Lighting

The first study of electricity was studied in the 1700s with the Alessandro Volta battery. Over centuries, the study was refined to help human beings generate electricity from various sources. Today, electricity is a basic need and practically runs everything we use at home or the workplace. It also enables the transmission of communication frequencies around the world.

Electricity set the pace for the industrial revolution, enhanced production strategies and improvements in medicine. One of the main uses is lighting and fire. With reliable light, human beings could work for long hours into the night, enhance their security and improve their quality of life. Electricity remains one of the biggest energy discoveries by humankind.

  • Research on Diseases and Medicine

Human beings have been using animal and plant parts to develop concoctions to treat various ailments. However, it was until science stepped in and helped determine the causes and treatment of various diseases that human beings started living longer and healthier lives. Some advances in medicine include vaccination to help prevent diseases, disinfection, light therapy, and surgeries.

Science has also helped eradicate epidemics that have killed huge swatches of the population, such as the bubonic plague, smallpox, HIV/AIDS and Ebola. People continue to research various diseases and enhance available treatments to ensure better health.  On the other hand, vaccination helped children beat such killers as diphtheria, polio and measles that killed most newborns. They also play a role in preventing the spread of epidemics around the globe.

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  • Advances in Agriculture

Food security has always been a challenge to human beings despite domesticating many plants and animals. This is because they relied on weather patterns, planted crops and kept animals that were not very productive. Fortunately, science revolutionized how people produce food for consumption in the ways below.

  1. Biotechnology has helped improve the characteristics of crops and animals to make them highly productive and resistant to diseases.
  2. Mechanization has helped human beings to till large tracts of land with little human effort, thereby increasing the overall production
  3. The development of pesticides and veterinary drugs have helped eradicate diseases that would otherwise eradicate crops and animals or lower production
  4. Modern methods of processing food have enabled food to be produced in large quantities and stored to be consumed for a long period
  5. New scientific farming methods have enabled people to avoid relying on the weather to produce their crops.
  • The Rise of Electronics and Machines

Today, we are all surrounded by electronics, such as phones, computers, TV sets, washers, and microwaves, among other appliances. These appliances have made life easier for human beings. Here is an example. Air conditioners have enabled people to work in the sweltering heat during summer, and heaters help maintain temperatures during cold winters.

In the production environment, machinery has given rise to new consumer items and electronics. It has also enabled companies to mass produce electronics and supply them around the world at a low price.

Electronics such as mobile phones, computers, and the development of the internet has enabled people to communicate around the globe with ease and cheaply. Besides, important information can be passed as soon as it is collected and help save lives in other parts of the world.

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  • Travel around the Globe

Before the advancement in travel, human beings used animals as the means of travel.  It was cumbersome, and people could not move across long distances. This changed with the advancement in road, sea and air travel. These days, it is possible to move from one part of the world to the other in a few hours. Road travel has also improved the way people do business and work, as they can live away from their working places.

Sea travel has also revolutionized trade around the globe. Countries can get raw materials from overseas and export what they produce. It has paved the way for specialization, cooperation, transfer of skills and knowledge across the world.

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