Graded Quiz 1.1: Transitions Quiz

Directions: Identify the transitional words and introductory clauses in this passage:  Making a Whistle from a Straw If you enjoy making music, try creating a whistle from a drinking straw. First, obtain a straw in a color and/or design that you like and a sharp object (scissors, for example). If you have previously used the straw for drinking, you will need to wait for it to dry out before continuing. If you have not used a straw and the straw has a wrapper, remove it. Next, cut a slanted line on one end of the straw with the scissors; this will become the bottom of the whistle. Using a sharp object such as a knife or scissors, poke two or three holes on the top of the drinking straw, being careful to not allow the pointed object to go through the entire straw. Now, it’s time to make music! Place the part of the straw that you did not cut into your mouth, inhale, and then exhale the air into the straw. Once you hear sounds, try moving your fingers onto and off of the holes to see if the pitch changes. If there aren’t any changes in the pitch, try making another straw; sometimes it takes a few tries before you find the one that plays well! Now, answer these questions, using the paragraph above.