Funeral directing final paper

The final project will be an 8-10 page, research-based report on a particularly issue of concern or importance. The final project is a research-based essay, NOT a research report; the difference is that the former simply gathers information, whereas the latter (the one you are doing) presents that information in a larger context and with a clear purpose, i.e. there’s analysis, interpretation, argument, etc. The report can and in most cases probably should include images, charts, graphs, etc. Some broad guidelines here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. but feel free to explore other online advisory resources. The idea is to explore and gain understanding about your selected issue and to communicate that understanding to a selected audience for whom understanding the issue better matters. It should also matter to you. To start, send me a semi-formal (clear subject, address, sign off, etc.) In each case, what are the central questions, concerns, stakes? In each case, why of interest, importance, value, i.e. why worth your time to do and my (and other audience members) time to read? If more than one option being considered, use a numbered list. Fine for us to got back and forth a bit about this.Essay should be 8-10 pages, PLUS a cover page and a works cited page; more text heavy essays will be more likely to be in 7-8 page range, essays that use more visual aids and/or white space for rhetorical purpose are more likely to be in the 9-10 page range. MLA FORMAT