First Year Writing II: Academic Research and Writing

Good day, I’m looking for someone to assist with a class that I’m going to start 10 July 2019. From looking at the Syllabus there will 7 papers one due per week. I would like to have the same person assist each week (Paid per paper)

Write: Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis

Write: Essay #2: Putting Sources in Conversation

Write: Essay #3: Expanding the Conversation

Write: Essay #4: Entering An Academic Conversation

Write: Essay #5: Revision Project

Write: Writing Portfolio

Write: Exploratory Assignment

Each paper should demonstrate successful and deliberate development strategies, especially in the use of research and culturally diverse perspectives. 

Also an extra pay if paper reaches max score, I will provide screen shot of each grade as proof. Need a professional person and trustworthy person.