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Final Class Paper Project:  “Applying Ethical Theory.”  Your final will be a paper that is due on Wednesday, May 8th by midnight.  In the last few weeks of class, we are studying three main theories that offer principles that determine what makes an an action right.  Your paper will explain these three theories and apply them in an analysis of a non-profit organization in San Antonio.  All of these organizations have mission statements that outline what they aim to do and why. 

Questions you’ll want to answer for your paper: 

Who is this organization primarily designed to serve?

 What resources does this organization provide?  Your task for the paper is to explain your chosen organization’s mission statement, with particular attention to ethical or moral language used in that statement.  

Explain which of the three moral theories seems to be used by this organization.  How is that moral theory put to practice?  

Then, explain one benefit and one challenge to this moral theory and how these benefits and challenges may apply to your chosen organization.  Here you could include challenges raised in the thought experiments we will have read, particularly if the experiment addresses the very issue your organization addresses (e.g. immigration, poverty, women’s health).  

Finally, what ethical advice might you give to the organization, based on your analysis?  Are there aspects of other moral theories that would be useful to apply?  


Your paper should be between 600 and 1000 words (include word count at the end of your essay).

You should not use any outside sources besides the organization you are examining and the course texts.

For a list of organizations you can choose from, see UIW’s Ettling Center for Civic Leadership website:

You can use any of these EXCEPT the environmental agencies and the Witte

I will attached the three theory 

need to be done in 30 hours .

thank you