Film report

The film “Fried Green Tomatoes” tells the story of Idgie and Ruth and features the saga of Evelyn through her daily visits to the Rest Home where the older Mrs.Threadgoode is companion to her Black housekeeper who is older and dying.

Mrs.Threadgoode tells Evelyn all of the old stories of Idgie and Ruth when the

Whistlestop Cafe was run by them.Explain the relationship between Idgie and Ruth.

For example:Explain the following:Do you believe Idgie was“in love”with Ruth or just loved her very much as a friend.Give evidence to prove your point.And what happened to Frank Bennett?


Please pick one of the characters in the film and discuss how his or her story reminds you of something in your life.Go on to give your story and give an example of how the character’s life relates to your own life.Explain your life situation and refer back to the film for examples to back up your ideas.Use quotes when possible.

Please write  4 pages typed on the above topic.Remember to give your thesis

statement in the introduction and stay focused.