English Essay HELP-Take 2


Question: How do the depictions fashioned upon Achilles’ Shield (18.568-710) reflect back upon the central plot (everything that’s happened in the poem outside of the shield) of the Iliad? Is the relationship between these artistic scenes and the plot of opposition?

Topic to be discussed: Justice vs. Revenge: civil code vs. martial code. MUST INCLUDE “opposition”

**Must discuss at LEAST two of the scenes depicted on the shield**

(First Paragraph): Introduction MUST be a rework of the prompt (question) and no more than ½ page. 

Introduction MUST clearly lay out topics to be discussed throughout paper

EX: “In Book 18 of the Iliad, Homer describes in detail a series of scenes that Hephaestus forges on Achilles’ shield. These scenes on Achilles’ shield have a symbolic relationship with the central plot of the poem. The symbolic relationships are…… (Opposition).”

(2nd Paragraph): Describe scenes of shield that will be most important to argument, without arguing yet

Include subtopics:

· Revenge (martial code) vs. justice (civil code)

· Heroes vs real people (depicted on the shield)

The Iliad Translated by Robert Fagles (ISBN 978-0-14-027536-0) ONLY. NO other translation can be used.

No outside sources are to be used

MUST include SEVERAL in-text quotations from Books 16, 18 (discusses Achilles’ shield), 19, 22, and 24

MUST include these words in proper context (and italicized) 

a. time- honor earned while alive

b. geras- prizes won in battle

c. aristeia- excellence in war

d. kleos- glory earned after death

MUST be original work and will be submitted to (Please include plagiarism report)

Paper must flow. Each paragraph should flow properly into the next paragraph. 

MUST be written using present tense

MUST use proper MLA formatting

MUST be 1800 Words

Must include a Work Cited page

DUE 10/7/19 @ 2200 EST

PLEASE ask questions. DO NOT ASSUME