English Essay 4 whole pages- ANALYZING A PLACE OR PRODUCT

As soon as I choose a bid, I’ll go ahead and post the prompt and guidelines. Works cited page is mandatory, as well as in text citations. The title kind of undermines how in depth this essay needs to be. We need at least ONE ACADEMIC outside source, and I have the articles that we need to source as well. I’ll be posting pictures of these articles as soon as I choose a bid. Please make sure of good transitions, a clear thesis, and 4 FULL pages. MLA formatting as well. This is a college paper, so please do well, I have a huge Linear Algebra test on Wednesday and don’t have time to write this essay. Due 9/17, my class starts at 8am west coast time, and I need the essay ASAP- preferably by 6am because that’s the time I wake up at. Thank you 🙂