English Composition 1 NEED BY 07/12/2018 3PM


Read p. 142-147 of your textbook on Narrative Writing.  


View the following resources before starting this assignment: Effective essay writing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Effective Essay Writing: Introductions (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Essay Writing Template

 Respond to one of the prompts in the green box on p. 147 in a fully developed five-paragraph essay. Choose one that resonates with you. The essay must include an introduction with a three point thesis, body, and conclusion. Follow MLA manuscript format. Use the Strategy Checklist on p. 165-166 and the Essay Writing Document as your guides.

CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS Place your name, date, title of course (ENG 101 or ENG 102), and my name in the top left corner of the first page.  Highlight your thesis in yellow (If not highlighted, a 10 point deduction will apply.  Double-space the text Use 1″ margins all the way around Use a 12-point Times or Roman font Always have a creative title If applicable, a works cited page (If not added, a 10 point deduction will occur). ALL FINAL PAPERS ARE DUE ON THE DATE INDICATED-NO EXCEPTIONS! Use the WCCS Rubric as a guide for your success while you are working on your essay to determine if you are completing the assignment efficiently and effectively.  WCCS Self-editing Checklist 600- 700 words 600 words Format-MLA Citations-MLA