English 1 essay


Essay 1:
Write a well-developed and well-supported 500-word essay analyzing the character of Gabriel as an inhabitant of the modern wasteland as it is depicted in “The Dead.” You may want to use portions of Eliot’s poem The Wasteland (Part I) to establish some basic characteristics. Note especially the following themes in the story as they affect Gabriel: the failure of communication, the failure of religion, and the failure of personal relationships. What does Gabriel’s epiphany at the end of the story suggest? 

Essay Writing Guidelines: 

Essay format should be double-spaced, should have a maximum font size of 12, and should be in MLA format. In writing your essays, make sure to use MLA documentation format and include a works cited page. You are not expected to use outside sources, but if you choose to do so, ensure that you are properly documenting those sources as well. 

Read T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land 


We are going to look briefly at Part I of The Waste Land called “The Burial of the Dead” to introduce you to one of the pivotal images in modern literature, that of the modern world as a wasteland. Eliot’s poem is quite intricate and full of allusions from history, myth, and religion. In fact, after the publication of the poem, Eliot published elaborate notes to the poem explaining many of the allusions, sometimes helping and sometimes confusing readers further. These notes are commonly published with the poem. Our brief study, however, is more focused and we will not explicate the poem for all its allusions and images. Instead, we’ll look at a few features of “The Burial of the Dead” specifically to help you understand some of the features and important themes in modern literature established by Eliot.