ENG4U Mrs. Rublev


Identify literary devices, underline, and name them:

 I would wear for my trip a dark-blue pleated skirt and the blue-and-white checked blouse (the blue in the blouse matched exactly the blue of my skirt) – a blouse that came down over my skirt.

1) _____________ 

2) ____________ 

 They were eating away as they talked, my father’s false teeth making the clop-clop sound like a horse on a walk. 



We know how difficult the situation is, we are all in the same boat.


 You never experienced what I have. Try putting yourself in my shoes.


 He was alert with quick ears.


 Some people thought he was an honest thief.


Once you put the chains of a loveless marriage around your neck, you will suffer for it for the rest of your life.
 Thinking back on the past, Carol remembered all the troubles and Miss fortunes she had gone through and realized how important it was for her to be here now.
 “It’s a stupid story.” Suddenly say this my love the small goals.

“Not as pretty as any of you,” said the bachelor, “but she was hotter the good.”

 The woman felt a self she can buy a new fear which climbs down on her throat.

 “Of course, you’re the smartest person I’ve ever known,” I said thinking what I hope this fall he was.

 If you close his eyes installed frozen, you would imagine himself up on the center of a plane, a wintry, wind less American desert with no house in 1000 miles, and on the dry riverbed’s, the streets, for the company.

“Your name?” Said the police car in a metallic whisper.
 The boy was a helpless by the meeting for its mother.
 I’ve told you hundreds of times, “don’t go there!” Mature but you are totally deaf. Don’t blame me if you get into mess.

Write an opinion literary essay on one of their “Rocking Horse the Winner” story following questions.

How and who are possibly to blame for Paul’s death?

Elements of short stories quiz.

The time in the location in which a story takes place is called ______.
 Certain aspects of this are: place, _____, weather conditions, social conditions, or mood or atmosphere.
 The _____ is how the other ranges of bangs to develop his basic idea; it is the sequence of events in a story.

__________is the beginning of the story where the characters in the setting is revealed.

________ is the weather events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed (events between the introduction and the climax).
_________ is the highest point of interest and attending point of the story.

__________- the events and complications begin to resolve them selves. The reader knows what has happened next and if the conflict was resolved or not (events between climax and denouement).

____________is the final outcome or dangling of events in the story.
__________  – The position of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the story.
There are two types of this: ____________– as travel with the force outside one’s self.
________  – A struggled in oneself:; a person must make some decisions, overcome pain, quiet the temple, resist an arch, etc.
 There are four kinds: _________(physical) – The leading character struggles against feet, all the scams tons of light facing him/her.

_________- (social) – The leading character struggles struggles against ideas, practices, are the concerns of other people. 

_________(psychological – the leading character struggles with himselfherself with his/her soul, ideas of right or wrong, physical limitations, choices, etc.
One character is clearly critical to the story with all major events having some importance to this character that he or she is ____________
The book though pause of the main character is called ____________

Characters are of three types.

______________ is defined as the angle from which the story is told.
______________– the story is told so that the reader feels as if they are inside the head of the character and knows all their thoughts and reactions.

______________ – Second person – the story is told by the protagonist or one of the characters who interacts closely with the protagonist or other corrupt as (using pronouns I, me, we, etc.).

Third person- The reader sees the story through the persons eyes as he/she experiences it and only knows what he/she knows, or feels.

The theme in a piece of fiction is the controlling idea or the central insights. It is the others underlying meaning or main idea that he is trying to convey.

Defined the character type using just one definition

Ann white was very careless with his money. Being a spendthrift, she didn’t care how much she spent on hypothesis. Have to have husband lost his high-paying job as a bank manager and the family experienced had time to make the ends meet. And changed her ways, and only for necessary daily needs and saving on the favorite else things he used to buy before.

In a story about a 16 year old teenager named Nick, call Luis and his schoolmates. He wears gray suits and looks Nikki dressed. Carly is always polite and smiling whenever Nick runs across him and says hello.

A character in the story named Dolly with a lot of interest is a sympathetic person who loves animals and always tries to find a good home for lost or abandoned pets. However, she shows no compassion on unemployed people and never gives donations to make their lives easier thinking they don’t have enough effort to educate them selves and find good jobs.

Mr. Raines business is not really a success. Whenever he invites invest money into any project, he can’t get a decent profit. So he has tried to create a new project, this time, to invest even a big amount of money hoping his business becomes profitable. It doesn’t work though. Mr. rain can’t understand what the mate is.


Dynamic character
Flat characters
Foil character

Situational irony
Static character 

A. The place were the type of surrounding where something is positioned on the ground event takes place.

B. A character usually not the main one who contrast against another character in order to highlight but to killer qualities of the other character. 

C. The main events of the play, novel, movie devised and presented by the writer as an inter-related sequence.
D. Giving the auditory not to meeting him and quality.

E. Then expected time of events that creates a surprise for the reader. 

F. A character who undergoes little or no in a change.

G. Play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character.

H. The formation of a wired from a sound associated with what is named. 

I. Are two dimensional (one or two characters traits) in that they are uncomplicated and do not change.
J. A character who undergoes an important in a change.

Autumn, by Sheila Butterfly

What is the point of bored? Does it convert situation, attitude, or feelings?
 What poetic devices have used in the poem? What examples




 Hyper bole


Answer “the Rockinghorse winner” questions. Support your answers with the evidence from the story.
 Discussed the aspect of luck in the story.
 How are the mother,” Oscar and Bassett or possibly to blame for Paul’s dad? Discuss each of them.

How is the theme of the class high status low status shown in the short story?
 Does the mother appear as villein rather than the father?
 Does the child in the story seem in a sense to you? Why or why not? What changes the kind a relationship between Paul and the mother and what causes these changes

 How is safari in constructing in “the Rockinghorse winner”? What current does it have positive outcome?
 Money does not buy happiness. Do you agree with the statement? How is this related to the story?

What are the secrets hidden by its character and by the family house?
 What is the purpose of the story?

Writing and roll
 Writing and roll assignment is a creative piece of writing from the first person point of view of a character other than the narrator.
 Writing steps:
 Read short story “windows”
 Creatively write a story from the point of you of one of the characters: Leah.

Use your imagination to develop events and characters.
 Include details and description of events and characters relationships.
 Create believable voice and tone of the characters.
 Organize your story so that it has a beginning, middle, and an end: use short story plot elements including setting.
 Make sure your grandma, spelling, and punctuation not correct
 Use literary devices to describe the stories more than characters emotions.
 The length of your story should be approximately two pages typed in Emily from at 12. Size, doublespaced.