1. Choose one LGBTQ person of color in the media (NOTE: this person might identify as LGBTQ in their personal lives or they may depict an LGBTQ person as a made-up character on a TV show or movie). Describe your reaction to their character/persona, and reasons why you believe this depiction is helpful or harmful to the LGBTQ community (or both). {300 words}

2. LGBT rights differ depending on the country and even the state in which you live in. Choose two countries OR choose two states. List and then describe two areas in which LGBT rights differ in those two countries or those two states. Make sure to explain why these differences are important. {300 words}

Discussion Post Guidelines: (20%) LENGTH. Each answer should be approximately 300 words in length. For example, if your Discussion 2 assignment requires you to answer 2 discussion questions, your entry for that week should be 600 words in length total (at least 300 words for each of the 2 questions for that week) (40%) COMPREHENSION. Demonstrate an understanding and application of the course readings and any other outside reading you may choose to use to answer the question. (20%) REFERENCES. You MUST cite using at least 1 citation per question: • All discussion postings are expected to integrate information from at least one of the readings, class materials, and/or from an outside empirical or reputable news source. You should cite both within the text and provide a full reference at the bottom of your post.
Powerpoint Presentation Discrimination, Violence, and Crime Articles Violence Transgender Women in Latin America (Links to an external site.) Violence and the Transgender Community (Links to an external site.) Global LGBT State-Sponsored Violence (Links to an external site.) LGBT Domestic Violence (Links to an external site.) Private Moment Made Public (Links to an external site.) Murders of Transgender People on the Rise: (Links to an external site.)

Discrimination Transgender Discrimination Global Discrimination Against the LGBT Community (Links to an external site.) LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

Hate Crimes LGBT International Hate Crimes Hate Crimes and Violence Videos FSRN UN Report on Violence Against LGBT People Global Problem (Links to an external site.) South Africa Rise in Violence Against Homosexuals (Links to an external site.) Laverne Cox Interview w/Katie Couric (Links to an external site.)