Discussion: Hazelton, Rebecca. Vow.- ISBN: 978-0-09860257-0-9

Week Five, Part One  

For the first part of this week, we are focusing on critical reading. First, select thirty pages of Rebecca Hazelton’s Vow, a poetry collection that reimagines domestic and romantic spaces. I invite you to compare her work to other authors we’ve covered this semester. How is she different from Plath, in particular? I invite you to consider referring to her work on the final exam, if she appeals to you.      Discussion Questions:     Please answer all three of these questions by Friday, July 5 by midnight. Write a full paragraph (7-12 sentences) on all three, and try to quote the text at least once in each response. From Friday-Sunday, respond to four of your classmates with a thoughtful post, pointing out where you agree and disagree with their analysis.    

1.Howdoes Rebecca Hazelton use playful techniques in her poetry? Choose atechnique you would consider playful–whether light-hearted,experimental, or dramatic–and explain how it contributes to themeaning of the poem.   

2.In what waysis Hazelton’s work similar to Sylvia Plath’s?   

3.Many have called Rebecca Hazelton a contemporary feminist. Do you agree with that classification?