Decision-Making Framework Research and Reflection Paper

Sanction Information:

Sanction: 105.11 Ethical Decision Making Reflection
Decision Making Framework Research and Reflection Paper

When you are involved in a policy violation that may have had a negative impact on the community, it can be helpful to reflect on the incident in an effort to better understand what happened and what you could do differently in the future. To that end, this sanction allows you to explore some frameworks for decision making and provides you with an opportunity to apply them to various situations.

-Visit and read the Framework for Ethical Decision Making and identify the framework you like the most.
-Then explore the Ethical Issues for Students, under Case Studies: Choose one or more topic that interests you. Read at least four case studies and apply the framework you like the most as you think through the questions listed.
-Finally, use the Making an Ethical Decision app (found here: to apply the ethical decision making framework to a decision you need to make now or anticipate making in the future.

After you have completed this exploration, reflect on the experience, and write a paper (typed, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double spaced) that is at least five pages in length and that addresses the questions below.

-What topic(s) did you explore in the list of case studies?
-Did any of the case studies relate to a current or recent situation? If so, how? What was it like to further explore this issue in a different light?
-Which case study posed the toughest challenge? Why?
-Which case study was the easiest for you? Why?
-Which source of ethical standards most appeals to you? Why?
-What, if anything, surprised you about the framework?
-How can you apply the tools you’ve learned to your incident?
-What did you learn about your own influences, values, and the impact of your decisions on yourself and others?
-In what ways might you apply these tools to future decision-making?
-How might applying these tools make you a better UCSC community member?

Please proofread your paper before submitting it to ensure that it is free of typos and utilizes proper spelling and grammar. Your paper must earn a theoretical grade of “B” or higher in order to be accepted. Please remember that plagiarism is not tolerated under any circumstance. Be sure to properly cite your sources. If your paper does not meet the criteria listed, it will be returned to you so that you can address the concerns and resubmit it. Your deadline may or not be extended during this time.