Course Project:AI Ethical and Moral Dilemmas in Healthcare

 Drafts should be four to five pages in length and follow APA standards.  

Your draft must also include a brief paragraph that explains your the ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and where your draft will fit into the final paper.

Content Criteria Points:  Draft Introduction The introduction is clear and provides an overview of key issues  addressed in the section. The topic of the draft is situated within the  team thesis and ethical context. 

Structure The section is organized logically and has a clear development  trajectory that begins with foundational materials. The structure of the  draft is in alignment with the team outline and achieves a level of  consistency with the team documents. 

Evidence and Topic Development Concrete and detailed evidence is used to support claims and develop  the topic. Evidence is used in a variety of ways and is appropriate to  the context. 

Analysis and Critical Thinking Thoughtful analysis is performed to help situate the evidence within the team argument and provide engagement with the topic. 

Style and Format Conventions are consistent and unified. The formatting adheres to APA standards. Citations are complete and properly formatted.    

Reflection Framing questions have been addressed, and there is a clear  understanding of the role that the draft will play in the final Course  Project.